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'Experience Tranquility & Efficiency with our Altessian licencing services'

We are your full-service partner for Atlassian license consulting, purchase, extension, and harmonization. You can purchase licenses for all Atlassian products and associated extensions and apps directly through Elstefco Technologies.

We provide Atlassian licensing services that are transparent, simple, and affordable. Simplify your Atlassian license purchases and experience the added value of ordering your Atlassian software and Marketplace apps from our experts.

Our consultants will help you identify exactly which licenses you need for your solution and guide you through the entire license purchasing, extension, and harmonization process.

1. Functional Testing

Does your application function the way it was intended to? Utilize our functional testing expertise to ensure your software works exactly as it was outlined to do in your Specifications documents

2. Performance Testing

How will your application perform under various circumstances and conditions? How much load can it take? What causes bottlenecks in its performance? How can you overcome those?

3. Test Automation

Achieve great levels of efficiency, fast turnaround times and enhanced user satisfaction by automating your testing processes. Our expertise can help you get there with least risk and best ROI.

4. Security Testing

Elstefco Technologies can provide you with insights and data necessary to identify if your organisation is suitably addressing security expectations of clients, regulatory bodies and internal


5. Mobility Assurance

How well does your application function and perform on the mobile ecosystem? Utilize our mobility testing expertise to ensure flawless user experience across devices, environments, and ecosystems.

6. Agile Testing

Ensure faster go-to-market times, early defect detection, and Increased application quality using our Agile Testing philosophies focusing on people, teams, and collaboration rather than tools and processes.