Giving Back to our Farmers

In recent years, our farmers have faced many challenges, from droughts and floods to pests and diseases. But through it all, they have persevered, demonstrating their resilience and their commitment to their craft.

We oe our farmers a debt of gratitude. They are the ones who put food on our tables and clothes on our backs. They are the ones who keep our economy running and our communities thriving.

With this said, a devastating amount fires swept through the Matlabas farming community this year, leaving behind a trail of destruction to 90 farms, which ruined about 70 000 hectares and some people& livestock even lost their lives. 

We are looking to support their local soup kitchen and towards animal feeds, by making a financial donation. 


Our farmers are the heart and soul of South Africa. Let us never forget their importance and the sacrifices they make for us every day assisting farmers during this time can be a lifeline for many small-scale and family-owned farms, as it can significantly boost their income. This not only improves their financial stability but also contributes to the economic well being of rural communities.


We are asking for your help to provide these farmers with the food and animal feed they need to get back on their feet. With your donation, we can make a real difference in the lives of these families.

Help Elstefco make the difference!

We Can Make A Soul Smile!