The holiday season is a time for giving, and what better way to spread Festive cheer than by filling a Santa Shoebox with necessities and small treats for those in need?

What is a Santa Shoebox?

A Santa Shoebox is a simple yet thoughtful gift that can bring immense joy to fill the void in the life of another in need. This way we provide them with essential items they might not otherwise have. 

How to decorate your Santa Shoebox:

Use wrapping paper, colorful tissue paper, or paint to decorate the outside of the shoebox.
Add stickers, ribbons, or bows for a festive touch.
Personalize the shoebox with a label (Gender & Age Class) IMPORTANT

What to Put in a Santa Shoebox:

Baby Girls | Baby Boys 0 months to 1 Year
Bottle, Dummy, 1 item of clothing, Teddy or blanky Baby Soap Baby Lotion
Younger Girls | Younger Boys 1 Year to 10 Years
Tooth Paste, Tooth Brush, Face cloth, Soap, Body Lotion, Sweet Treat/Cookies, Soft Toy/Book or Out Fit
Stationary boxes High School
Grey Pencils Blue Pens 92 page books Calculators
Primary School
Grey Pencils, 72 pages books, Colouring in Pencils,  Colouring book, Wax crayons and Glue

Where to Drop Off Your Santa Shoebox?

Drop off TBC

Thank you for considering this meaningful way to give back during the holiday season.

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