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Palladium Accounting is more than just an ERP solution. Palladium is built to grow businesses by increasing turnover, improving margins and making your business run more efficiently.

Palladium Accounting Software offers a range of feature-rich Accounting Solutions to suit all types of organisations. Our software features are developed on 3 core business success values of increasing turnover, optimising margins and improving operational efficiency. Our unsurpassed stability takes away the business risk associated with data corruptions experienced with other software.

A complete ERP that allows you to manage your whole business from one solution without the need for add-ons.

1. Multi-Company Support:

Palladium Accounting Premium allows users to manage multiple companies within a single system, making it suitable for businesses with diverse operations.

2. Financial Management:

The software covers essential financial management functionalities, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash management.

3. Inventory Management:

Palladium Accounting Premium provides robust inventory management features, enabling users to track stock levels, manage warehouses, and handle inventory transactions efficiently

4. Sales and Purchases:

The software facilitates the creation and management of sales and purchase orders, helping businesses streamline their sales and procurement processes.

5. Financial Reporting:

It offers comprehensive financial reporting capabilities, including tools for generating balance sheets, income statements, and other financial reports.

6. Work Order Management:

Allows for the efficient tracking and management of work orders throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring smooth production workflows.

7. Production Planning and Scheduling:

Helps in planning production activities, scheduling tasks, and optimizing resources to meet demand and deadlines effectively.

8. Costing and Budgeting:

Provides tools for accurate cost estimation of manufacturing processes, helping businesses analyze and control production costs.

9. Job Costing:

Enables the allocation of costs to specific jobs or projects, providing a detailed understanding of the expenses associated with each production run.

10. Reporting and Analytics:

Robust reporting tools for generating customized reports on various aspects of manufacturing performance, helping in informed decision-making.

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